Located on the beautiful caribbean island of St. John. VI Body Spa provides a unique and unrivaled spa experience.

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Offering a wide selection of customized massages, organic  skin treatments and specialized relaxation techniques. VI Body Spa is bringing the eco-lux spa experience to St. John in a fresh way, with a home-grown twist. This purposefully designed wellness spa will soothe the weary soul as well as rejuvenate the body and mind.

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Palm Plaza
Suite 1D
St. John, USVI

Short walk to The Westin, across from St. John Market. 


7 Days a Week

9 am - 9 pm

Massage Menu


Lazy Donkey ~ Swedish Massage

Eliminate stress from your mind and body. This relaxing massage uses light to medium pressure. Loosen your muscles and ease your mind.

1 hour: $125

1.5 hour: $165

2 hours: $225

Pirates Punch ~ Deep Tissue

Release chronic tension with a slow, deep tissue session designed to reach the deepest layers of muscle tissue. 

1 hour: $140

1.5 hour: $180

2 hours: $240

Plus One ~ Prenatal

A " bump friendly", mom- focused session. Give those tired muscles some love - pamper yourself before you're knee-deep in Pampers! Designed to decrease swelling, increase circulation and ease your mind and body.

1 hour: $135

1.5 hour: $175

2 hours: $235

Rain Drop ~ Aromatherapy

Combines elements of reflexology, essential oil aromatherapy and light, specific massage to promote a healthy spine. Immerse yourself in the healing scents of basil, cypress, marjoram, oregano, peppermint, thyme & wintergreen. For a deeply harmonizing, rejuvenating, and relaxing experience.

1 hour: $135

1.5 hour: $175

2 hours: $235

Love City ~ Couples

Combine any two of our luxurious massages with one of your favorite people. Perfect for celebrating date night, birthdays, anniversaries, great friends and good times!

1 hour: $250

1.5 hour: $330

2 hours: $500

Drunk and Stoned ~ Heated Massage

Enhance your treatment and your relaxation with a combination of heated stones and massage. This treatment is inspired by the stone and coral sculptures left by visitors to Drunk Bay. It will inspire you to recover, restore and renew.

1 hour: $140

1.5 hour: $180

2 hours: $240

Sports in Bermuda Shorts ~ Performance Recovery

Commonly used before or after events, heavy workouts or training sessions. Any combination or ART (Active Release Technique), PNF (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation) Stretching, Myofascial Release, Trigger Point, Deep Tissue and Swedish therapies to relieve pain, speed up recovery time and encourage healthy muscle function.  

1 hour: $135

1.5 hour: $175

2 hours: $235

Pain Killer ~ Medical Massage

Perfect for those suffering from chronic conditions or pain, preparing for/recovering from surgery, or healing from injury. Let our trained therapists assist in your healing by customizing a therapeutic session and catering to your individual needs. 

1 hour: $135

1.5 hour: $175

2 hours: $235

Locals Discount: $15 off any Massage

Call: 340-777-body (2639)

Skin Care Menu


Lovango Love Facial

The ultimate in effective, relaxing custom organic facial includes ultrasound exfoliation, manual lymph drainage, Caribbean Larimar facial massage, andara crystals, aromatherapy, LED light therapy, seasonal fruit masques, eye treatment, lip treatment and foot reflexology.

2 hours: $300

Waterlemon Cay Facial

Our signature custom organic facial treatment includes Hibiscus Seed Exfoliation, spicy oxygenation treatment, extractions as needed, seasonal fruit masques, extensive facial massage, LED light treatment and foot reflexology. One add-on of your choice included. 

1.5 hours: $150

L’Esperance Facial

Organic facial includes exfoliation, custom masque, and foot reflexology. One add-on of your choice included.

1 hour: $125

Maho Men’s Facial

Organic men's facial to treat special concerns such as shaving irritation. Includes steamed towels, scalp, neck, shoulder and hand massage, foot reflexology and one add-on of your choice.

1 hour: $125

Trunk Bay Teen Facial

Treat small break outs, inflammation, reactive and sensitive teen skin. Includes light extractions and instructions on home care. Parent must be present.

1 hour: $125

Micro-Current Face Lift

Immediate firming, smoothing, lifting and plumping by working in harmony with your body's bioelectrical field to re-educate facial muscles with no down time. Effects are cumulative. Best done in a series one to two times per week then followed up with a maintenance treatment once per month. Each session 1 hour.

Special occasion pick me up: Lasts one to two days - $150

Series of six - $750

Series of twelve -  $1500

Series of eighteen - $2250

Maintenance treatment - $125

Add-Ons ( $20 each )

Eye Treatment - Organic masques & treatments specifically designed for puffiness, dark circles and tired eyes.

Lip Treatment - Gentle exfoliation & hydration to put the pout back in your pucker.

LED - Light therapy to treat acne, aging, rosacea or sun damage.



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